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Hazama pleads to the group leader to set him free so that he can operate on her, saying that if she dies, all of the rebels present are practically murderers. Otherwise, the soundtrack is mostly mediocre besides the manly choreography of the OP song.

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Takara develops a nervous breakdown. Evening comes and Imagami suddenly has a seizure.

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Hyakki wants to have the new prostheses implanted on his body, but can't find someone willing, and so Hazama offers to do it, with success. Imagami asks Hazama to give first-aid to her fellow protestors.

Jotaro Honma as an assistant. One of them, Aoyama, remembers Hazama and so does he Aoyama was one of the rebels on Episode 3, where Hazama performed a craniectomy on a deserter.

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In fact, I came into this series as a newbie with little experience about the character or its story. Miyo reveals that the reservation for their wedding reception was also cancelled, prompting suspicion on their part. She is shown as earnest and hardworking, trying to get help while the hopsital is understaffed from an accident on the first episode, this is while most of the other similar interns are refusing to help, going on a demo instead.

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And finally, be aware of man service that is very noticeable, perhaps even far-fetched. What I do find slightly impressive is the eerie OST they use for scenarios involving medical operations.

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And so begins Hazama's transformation into Black Jack. TBS This series article is a stub.

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So in a way, Hazama is more of a mercenary hired to sell his abilities. His medical and surgical skills are invaluable as we see his capability of saving lives. Having a regard for law, she often clashes with Kuroo who tends to take over a surgery or treatment, despite being a med-student.

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The following day, Imagami tries to find Hazama at Honshin, and approaches Okamoto by mistake. Miyo Hyakki's fiancee asks Hazama of Hyakki's whereabouts, during which he informs her of the surgery's cancellation.

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Despite this, there are times when he risks his life to save others; most noticeably during his time at the heart of the Vietnam War. Having a specialty in prosthetics, he tries to change his fate to go back to his path of being a distringuished surgeon.

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Hazama applies first-aid; it happens that Eri was one of Hazama's patients in the past, when he perfectly stitched up Imagami's gash in the face without any visible scarring. His specialty is plastic surgery, which he once practiced in Teitou University Hospital.

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Hazama is tied up too. Thus Hyakki had the accident.

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Aoyama tells him that Imagami defended her when she wanted to stop being a rebel. Daigo was involved in an issue concerning mishandling of funds, thus Meio became more famous and trusted.