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I craps rules pass line a really key buyer at a previous Forum and she is now a good client of mine. Keep on shaking the market! We will most definitely confirm business palms casino imax a result of the show.

The atmosphere, the team and the whole program is the best I've seen in the hospitality industry.

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And you get the best of it. We had the wonderful experience of a networking activity at a previous Forum in Cannes, which involved riding around on a luxury yacht drinking pink champagne for a couple of hours.

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They are light hearted, they are fun and I think the buyers really get into it, as do the suppliers. From the networking activities to the minute meetings, the staff were extremely aware and involved with each exhibitor and they were a delight to work with. Both the format and organization were excellent. Just try it once and you will see the difference.

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You have certainly done your bit — now I just have to convert the interest into solid enquiries and sales! It was our first participation and we received ten RFPs which exceeded our expectations! This has been a very positive first experience for me: You do 50 appointments in the fours days you are here, plus all the networking.

Always worth the money! It's also very well organised, intense and productive.

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Their edge not only lies in the relevance of the appointments, but also in the quality of the networking that allows you to go further in relationship-building. The 50 meetings we had were qualified and the networking was very productive.

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So it's really a huge meeting that we are hosting. They are a great young team, very dynamic, full of ideas and open to offers. I love your event technology and your openness to input and improvement. Thank you for following through with all the details, assisting us every step of the way and delivering on the promise of a successful business platform for Singapore Expo.

In my case for example, I had 70 people who wanted to meet with me but only time to meet We were able to do the activities together, but also had lunch together and sat down again at dinner. I am extremely anxious to begin my follow-up with potential clients as I am confident I shall see a return on my investment with this Forum.

I really enjoyed being able to represent the whole brand and meet people interested in all sorts of destinations. Most importantly, they are all decision makers from the MICE industry: I have four solid RFPs so far and I haven't even done my follow ups yet.

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It's very business-oriented - the buyers are qualified, the meetings are extremely valuable, the social programme is excellent and the business opportunities are great. I am sure we will achieve some solid business for my property soon. Moreover, the one-to-one format and the venue were extraordinary.

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They are a lot of money but they are the best investment I have ever made. I am a fan! The best show I have attended in a long time! You've got my vote for the coming years. Suppliers are experienced; meetings are relevant, dynamic and straightforward.

And you get all the information and all the contact details, even for the people you didn't meet.

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Also, the host venues are outstanding. Fantastic quality and quantity of buyers, who you not only meet at one-on-one meetings, but also at great networking events and dinners so you get to connect on a higher level.

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The quality and quantity of buyers both lead to a high rate of RFPs. All was very well organised in a professional and friendly manner. It was the first time for me but definitely not the last. We took a chance, and wow! We have already booked for next year's Forums.

Increasing our participation year after year is a clear sign that concerto no casino estoril are highly satisfied with the quality of the buyers.

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