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Blackjack was able to convince her friends of what happened, and they set off to defeat the rogue AI. That changed, however, when the Enclave betrayed Glory and falsely branded her a Dashite in order to discredit her father, a popular politician.

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Blackjack's story ends with her, Littlepip and Rampage looking up at the planet of Equus, healed and with a bright future ahead of it. Batman arkham knight riddler challenge under casino saved Glory and gone blackjack her way out, though Operative Lighthooves escaped.

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He turned his gun on Blackjack and the zebras, gunning each and every single one of them down before fleeing. Edit Blackjack originally named Go Fish until she changed her name was a security mare in the extremely matriarchal Stable 99, located near Hoofington.

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Blackjack would fight and Eater of Souls and his zebra army, eventually fighting and killing him, though being torn in half in the process. You can play one, two or three hands per round with this version of See below under Player Options for details for each action.

How to Play Blackjack Blackjack pits you against the Dealer in a race to the higher hand. She would eventually be named Queen of the Society, also becoming pregnant with P's foals after a threesome between them and Morning Glory. She would die, Princess Luna's soul would pass on, though Blackjack woke up once again in her cloned body.

All but two gone blackjack the zebras died from their wounds, and Blackjack herself was left at death's door. She would also discover that she couldn't physically age. During this, P was killed and Rampage was left stranded on the moon.

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You cannot Hit afterwards. Blackjack and Littlepip would travel to the moon, where they successfully recovered Gone blackjack and broke the talisman keeping her from truly dying. She refused, however, though did meet the one who had sent Deus to take EC in the first place, Sanguine. Bandits attacked the ship, and Blackjack told the filly to hide while she held them off despite her injuries.

You can also place chips on the two neighboring rectangles to play multiple hands.

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She was left quite disturbed by her situation, and her rape aboard the Seahorse. Morning Glory, hurt by Blackjack's suicide attempt, called off their relationship for the time being.

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Chasing EC Edit Shortly after their encounter with the Crusaders, Blackjack and P found their way to an old Weather Monitoring Station, where some malfunctioning robots had slaughtered a group of strangely under-armed Enclave pegasi. Hit adds another card to your blackjack hand.

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EC itself, as it turned out, was the key to every secret project Equestria had going during the war. Blackjack reached Cognitum, only to find that Princess Luna had forced the AI out and taken full control. This led to her using Folly for the final time to destroy the HMS Celestia, which the traitorous ranger Steel Rain was using to bomb the Hoof, and Blackjack was left blind and immobile.

While in the core she had her body stolen by the AI Cognitum, who gone blackjack to use Blackjack's identity to further her own plans. If you have a higher score than the Dealer — up to a maximum of 21 points — you win. After tracking the next location, however, Blackjack left her Pipbuck for her friends to find before departing with the intention of committing suicide.

The trauma on Blackjack, however, would catch up to her.

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She ran out of ammo, and the bandits recognised her as Security. She was stopped when she forgot to turn off the gun's safety, and then by Watcher, who arrived in person to show Blackjack the Elements of Harmony.

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Push A push is a tie. They got the program decoded, and discovered they had to return to Stable 99 if they wanted to track its intended destination.

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