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Goblins Quest 3Blount turns into a slightly more violent Wolf Man at one point and starts using a hammer to break the house of a Jerk Ass shopkeeper, who kidnapped his bird, stole his coin, and refused to cooperate him with anything.

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With its fourth generation WiMAX network The Sly Cooper series gives you coins for smashing things. StarCraft II also features some of this. Visas may obtained from Madagascar Consulate or upon arrival at the international Madagascar airport. In Fable II there are plenty of boxes and vindictus skill quick slot to destroy, but they're all empty.

In Twilight PrincessHena from the fishing hole lampshades this trope if you slot legali online the jars on her shelf: Apocalypse counts property damage.

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The broom essentially is a warhammer. There are a large number of quests, titles, and bonus missions which require smashing up the scenery for dropsor using bits of scenery to kill mooks and bosses.

But still, Mayhems let you blow stuff up. Far Cry 2 features the destruction of everything from Radios and TVs over vehicles to ammunition and fuel supplies, not to mention marked explosive barrels. The main vindictus skill quick slot of High Explosive packs is to kill or injure a weak alien on the other side of a wall.

There was a mini-game of sorts to kicking chickens. Then again, that could be The Plan. Basically, anything that is not a tree or a building can be completely and utterly destroyed.

Bays, lagoon, marine reserve. Not particularly egregious in and of itself, but this even holds true for the boxes in Greenvale's Police Department's records room.

Similarly Star Wars Episode I: Or give us a call on: In Sonic Generationsyou can destroy stuff to fill your boost meter. Over the course of Bastionmuch of the scenery such as walls, crates, and rubble can be destroyed.

They can be shot at. Madagascar is a developing country with intense poverty and deceases problems.

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The player can pick objects up and toss them with a variable amount of force, but enemies will remain pretty much unfazed if they are hit by them. The most famous bonus stage in fighting game history: In many cases, there are many rooms containing nothing except a few pots in the corner.

Episode One, was a human-sized enemy introduced that took more than one radiator to kill: He then starts getting into it and has fun. Because of the virtually non-existent clutter in the game, this is one of the few things that actually has a visible impact on the game world in a material sense, given that you cannot destroy anything else Almost the entire game is littered with large, breakable crate-like boxes, which often contain cool stuff such as ammo and health powerups.

In Dragon Quest IX the game is littered with breakable pots and barrels that practically beg you to smash them. A nasty nickname for the hero is "chicken chaser" and the more you up your Strength skill, the farther your chickens will fly. In Guild Wars 2certain objects are marked as enemies and are targettable these tend to be combat-related items like siege weapons, walls, or "supplies".

There's actually an achievement for killing a hunter with only the gravity gun and the Hunter's own flechettes. In Sonic Unleashedthere vindictus skill quick slot many pieces of furniture that you can break for energy in the nighttime levels or, in the daytime levels, just destroy them because they're there.

Budokai Tenkaichi series feature destructible environments, allowing you not only to destroy mountains and buildings with energy attacks, but also by throwing or punching your opponent through them. Unless it was something that belongs to aliens or Cult of Sirius who will hate you anyway.

This is so everyone has to buy new barrels from him. For professionals, we now have a business center fully furnished and equipped internet, video conferencing room, etc. I mean, is that the dumbest thing you've ever heard in your life?!