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Block out- To install a box or barrier within a foundation wall to prevent the concrete from entering an area. Used for alignment purposes. Generally used in bathtub and shower enclosures and on counter tops. Also called the 'sole plate'. Brick lintel- The metal angle iron that brick rests on, especially above a window, door, or other opening. Bearing partition- A partition that supports any vertical load in addition to its own weight.

Astragal- A molding, attached to one of a pair of swinging double doors, against which the other door strikes. A good construction contract will include: Bidding requirements- The procedures and conditions for the submission of bids.

Capital- The principal part of a loan, i. Also called roof joists. Compressor- A mechanical device that pressurizes a gas in order to turn it into a liquid, thereby allowing heat to be removed or added.

Accommodating thermal expansion Vinyl-siding manufacturers try hard to make their panels look like real wood. Generally, the framing contractor repairs anything disturbed by others and completes all framing necessary to pass a Rough Frame Inspection. Backout- Work the framing contractor does after the mechanical subcontractors Heating-Plumbing-Electrical finish their phase of work at the Rough before insulation stage to get the home ready for a municipal frame inspection.

The building codes in some areas require this type of roofing for fire safety.

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Because corner boards are hollow and flexible, nailing them up straight can be difficult. Blocking- Small wood pieces to brace framing members or to provide a nailing base for gypsum board or paneling. Breaker panel- The electrical box that distributes electric power entering the home to each branch circuit each plug and switch and composed of circuit breakers.

They serve to stiffen the roof structure. The same goes for the height of a deck. Concrete block - A hollow concrete 'brick' often 8" x 8" x 16" in size. Amortization - A payment plan by which a loan is reduced through monthly payments of principal closest casino to vernon nj interest.

Assumption - Allows a buyer to assume responsibility for an existing loan instead of getting a new loan.

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This way, I can achieve a cleaner look by precisely locating the top of each box against the bottom of the panel above it. To allow this movement, panels are made with the nailing hems notched at the end. Ceiling joist- One of a series of parallel framing members used to support ceiling loads and supported in turn by larger beams, girders or bearing walls.

Bearing header- a A beam placed perpendicular to joists and to which joists are nailed in framing for a chimney, stairway, or other opening. Balustrade- The rail, posts and vertical balusters along the edge of a stairway or elevated slot punch for vinyl siding. By fold door- Doors that are hinged in the middle for opening in a smaller area than standard swing doors.

For example at a fireplace location or bay window cantilever. The top is finished with crushed slag or gravel. Cap- The upper member of a column, pilaster, door cornice, slot punch for vinyl siding, or fireplace. To place materials end-to-end or end-to-edge without overlapping. A structural member carrying building loads weight from one support to another. Knowing the exposure allows me to plan at least some of the rest of the house around it.

Bipass doors- Doors that slide by each other and commonly used as closet doors. Ballast- A transformer that steps up the voltage in a florescent lamp. I use short corner-board sections as templates to mark the wall for the chalkline. In this way, items are screwed and mounted into solid wood rather than weak drywall that may allow the item to break loose from the wall.

Blankets- Fiber-glass or rock-wool insulation that comes in long rolls 15 or 23 inches wide.

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At a front door, a furring strip lifts the door trim enough to let siding panels tuck in behind. Here, I highlight a few techniques to enhance the appearance of clapboard-style vinyl siding in new construction see Hanging basics.

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