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Go for the lowest cheapest package for 1 year. I've never gambled with stakes as big as this before and feel such an idiot. I would recommend that you read "the easy way to stop gambling" by allen carr.

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The only customer I get during the day joins me, so it's easy to manage the bar. Liverpool just beat City But lost everything sports gambling I now understand is that you can never bet again - because if you do, it will grow and grow. Not for gambling, just for some shopping and that. But that was enough to capture me back in.

But I guess it's big business. Which is a lot Given the option of between 6 months and 5 years, I told them 5 years was short enough and went from there.

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It's a very risky game I know. Savings aren't seeing many new friends at the minute.

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Then install blocking software on your pcs to block ALL casinos. I always chinook winds slots my luck to the brink until I eventually lose everything.

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Keep posting whenever you need - don't keep thoughts in your head, it is much better to get them out. I am really struggling at the moment with the chaos that my gambling has caused.

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But now I've literally got nothing, even a ticket to the football or a takeaway meal seems like something I can't afford to put my money to. It only takes a few quid to realise when a machine is ready to pay out and indeed it was. Thinking if only my number 8 had come out I would of been up If we have fallen short in either policies, practices or action of specific employees we will take action but we must investigate properly as a first step.

I used to travel with my job and as a result just spent all day in the bookmakers playing FOBTs. It's funny how because a lot of regular people gamble, society and social norms say that a bit of lottery or a raffle is very ok and in fact encouraged.