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So if you have L49 augment in it, the slot will be converted to MK-6! A number of more augments are also there and have their own unique functions. All the items do not have augment slots, so you cannot place any augments to increase their stats.

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This means that, depending on the cost, it might be better to craft a lvl 4 kit and upgrade it to lvl 6? Slots in patch 1. I say this because, as you posted in the other thread as well, lvl 5 and lvl 6 MK augment kits use slicing materials the prices of which will go through the roofwhereas the lvl 4 and below augment kits do not. I raised a ticket with CS already.

I did not test exactly to see what tier is the augment in my lvl 50 items.


Types of Augmentation slot mk-2 Slots There are a numerous types of augmentation slots which you can add to your item. One solution some people took was to reaply the MK-6 augment kit but I find that unacceptable. There are a number of augments types; the Reflex augments will help in your aiming; the fortitude augments will increase the endurance, and the redoubt augments will increase your defensive abilities whereas the Might augments will increase your strength.

As you already know that the process will require you to have an augmentation kit, it is now up to that kit on how good the slot is going to be. These Augments and the Augment slots help you to increase the abilities of an item; you can modify one by adding different sort of items barrels, crystals, mods augmentation slot mk-2 other enhancements.


Sorry to let you know but, probably due to a glitch, the information you present related to current augmented gear is not accurate. You can also refer to the Item Modification Tables which are located at different stations.

Item Modification Tables in the game world now provide players with the ability to add augmentation slots to armor head, chest, wrists, legs, feet, waistaugmentation slot mk-2, implants, relics, main and off hand items knives, shotguns, generators, shields, fociand droid armor sensors, cores, motors, and parts.

Also are set bonus going to transfer or is it still just WH and Camp. Do you know how expensive that would be?

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After you have made the augmentation kit, you can use the Item Modification Table and then add the slots per your requirements. The augment slot on the item will be converted to the appropriate tier, the higher of the item level or the augment level.

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Tenderloingrvy I was about to rage quit the game over that. These will help you to increase the stats such as the Aim, Power or the Endurance, etc. You can get an augmentation slot component by reverse engineering a crafted item.

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What happens to the gear you already have augmented post 1. Just like these, augments can also modify items, which will help you to increase the ability of an item.

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One way you can choose to improvise is through augment slots. In other words am I wasting my time saving all the level 50 items I find in the hope of REing them in to a stack of the new mat after 1.

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Again you are the best at what you do thank you so so much! Can I get the materials for the augment slots from slicing, scavenging etc? Hopefully it will be fixed come tuesday.