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You should use appendix six only if the dealer is showing a ten in a Unified Gaming blackjack game. Overall hitting is better of two bad plays. Examples are five-ace, nine-four-three, eight-four-four, and seven-five-four. The second column of the table shows the dealer's probability of going bust based on each card.

Yes, this does override my advice to hit 14 against a It is the six decks at the Las Vegas Club which work against the player. The last column shows the advantage the player has and the probability of winning based on the basic strategy theory. How about when you have 16 against an 8, 9 or A? Should I take the even money or play on? Either way, three cards are no longer available to be drawn - your hand and the up - all of which would have busted you.

Hi, I just looked at your Microgaming blackjack basic strategy card. However, I believe for the typical blackjack player it is better to stand when considering you are doubling the amount of the bet. On a 4-deck blackjack game if you split aces against 5 or 6, and you get another ace.

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And when you hit 16, your own chance to bust is exactly the same whether the dealer shows a 10 or a 7. Here, surrendering would be the best selection if possible. I would like a confirmation from you.

This biases the shoe slightly toward standing. Following this exception will help you win more unit every hands, or lower the house edge by 0. You are much better off at any ordinary game, which are easy to find elsewhere. Both hands you mention are borderline plays and the number of decks affects which play is better.

To illustrate why you should split 8's against a 10, check my blackjack appendix 9b. The expected return of taking even money is obviously 1.

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You have to consider everything that could happen and weigh every outcome by their probability. Jim from Naples, Florida Whoever told you to surrender two 8's gave you incorrect advice, assuming American late surrender.

Be sure to NOT play if blackjack pays less then 3 to 2, which is usually the case with single-deck games. However if you don't wish to memorize the composition-dependent basic strategy exceptionsthen you should double on 11 against an ace in single and double deck and hit with four or more decks.

Treat blackjack as an investment; Play blackjack like an investor.

With regards to 16 against a 7, player should never stand it as there are just too many "outs" that would help to win the hand. Millions of hands must be played both ways blackjack odds 16 vs 10 the results tabulated to truly know the best play. They pay even money on a blackjack. Wiz, this is a spliting 8's against a dealer's 10 question.

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Maybe they just have cold feet. There is only a very slight difference with about 5 hands out of between hitting and standing on your They may also have only a single instant loser, or none; examples are nine-four-two-ace and five-four-four-three, respectively. But if you have a 3-card, you already holding lower cards and chances are reduced for drawing another lower card.

You can always see the relatively current blackjack rules in Vegas at my Wizard of Vegas site. The effect is weak, especially for three-card hands with only one in the range from ace to five. Contrary to their claim of having the "World's Most Liberal Blackjack Rules" there are better single-deck games right across the street at the Horseshoe or the Golden Gate.

There is actually a way to beat the house edge by increasing your odds. Or a hunch that a biggie is due.

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This practice is known as card counting and casinos don't like this because they know they will be losing money. I just came back from Costa Rica. This biases what's left slightly toward hitting. I understand why they say it, but, what are the odds that it really is a ten, and when the dealer has an Ace up, and checks in the card reader for a blackjack, does not have one, you know definitely it is not a ten.

Based on a two-deck game, where you can not double after splitting, the expected value of splitting 8,s against a 10 is If the dealer stands on a soft 17 the expected returns against a 5 are.

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Regarding your exceptions to surrender in appendix 6how should I best adapt it to the Unified Gaming single-deck game with early surrender against the ace? It is actually composition dependent in both single and double decks, in other words depending on which two cards that total 11 determines how to play the hand.

At six decks, I figured the house advantage to be 0. This is the long term advantage that they have which will eventually take your money away. The dealer will hit a soft 17 and double after a split will probably not be allowed.

Thanks for all of your hard work!! A-2 against a 5 also crosses over somewhere between 8 and an infinite number of decks. However if you can you should double on the 6 only. Your hand must be nine-seven or six. Though with 16 against a 7, you will probably lose either way, however, your probability of blackjack odds 16 vs 10 or pushing is better by taking a hit. So, what of bettors who hit 16 against 10 with two-card hands but stand otherwise?

That makes hitting much more worthwhile against the 7 up. Though you have exactly the same risk to bust when you hit 16, whenever you don't bust, you have a much better chance to win the hand against a 7 than against the