booting priority need assistance to understand it

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The size of a However, in the list of bootable devices there were three entries: I powered down, removed the battery, and let it sit for a five minutes. Optimal memory access bandwidth is equal to the optical channel bandwidth—the switch architecture enables that, with only 3 input queues, a queue is never used for reading and writing at the same time, i.

I understand there is no warranty. Oh boy, big trouble. I rebooted and pressed F10 to select the booting device because I thought everything was normal.

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The data units are automatically switched to the proper output port of Switch B and then forwarded to Switch C during time frame 6arriving at Switch C after three additional time frames time frames 7 through 9.

In accordance with the present invention, the following two basic requirements have been formed to enable the full utilization of such high capacity channels: In another possible embodiment, the same protection channel is shared by a plurality of primary channels. Due to the lack of flexible and simple optical storage capability, optical packet switching—which provides a way of controlling the switching configuration responsive to the control information contained in the packet header—is impractical.

In one aspect of the disclosed invention the label is contained within a header associated with each time frame. In accordance with some aspects of the present invention routing is performed based on timing information; in accordance with some aspects of the present invention routing is to be additionally based on information contained in at least one of an header and a trailer of time frames.

That's when things changed. This architecture is used to realize fractional lambda switching FLSw. Grooming and degrooming of optical channels cannot be performed in the all-optical domain i. Minimum switch fabric complexity is implemented using a Banyan network, which has the complexity of a. In FLSw, the synchronization provided by the CTR is leveraged to orchestrate the operation of subsystems within a switch and across the whole network.

Switch designs based on tunable lasers and a method to control them responsive to the common time reference are disclosed in the present invention. Thus, optical switch fabrics, optical filters, and waveguide grating routers enable the design of very high capacity switching systems.

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This frees the switch computation unit to operate relatively autonomously so that it can handle new traffic reservation requests without changing the predefined switch fabric configurations at large, due to the fact that the switch computation unit provides for finding routes for such new requests by determining how to utilize unused switch bandwidth.

Thus, FLPs, together with the predictability provided by the CTR and pipeline forwarding, eliminate the complexity of data packet header processing.

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In an alternative embodiment, a protection channel carries low priority traffic while the primary channel operates normally. I rebooted again and saw the same message. Alignment can be performed either independently on each one of the channels carried by an optical link, or collectively on all of the channels carried by an optical link.

Such control information is used by coupled transmitting systems and receiving systems to identify at least one of: I removed the disc and pressed Enter as instructed, but instead of rebooting the PC went to a screen I had never seen on this DZ68BC, but I have seen it on my DH67BL, the screen that indicates that it is trying to perform a network boot.

Switching of time frames responsive to the common time reference provides a solution to the control of dynamic reconfigurable optical components. In a possible embodiment, the protection channel is idle while the corresponding primary channel is carrying traffic. Okay, I'd start fresh.

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In a possible embodiment the alignment feature is designed using electrical components, such as random access memory RAM and digital circuitry. A method and system is provided for mapping a time frame onto the proper switching time and forwarding time, wherein the method for mapping is responsive to the control information, such as a label, coupled with the time frame, wherein switching and forwarding is responsive to the common time reference.

Components of the above listed types are changing from being static, i. This creates the demand for a large amount of grooming and degrooming equipment with high interface density and low cost per interface.

Optimal speed-up of the switch fabric that operates at the same speed as the optical channels e. The size of an 80 microsecond time frame on a gigabit Ethernet GE channel is used as a measurement unit for the time frame size; [] FIG.

It finished normally and told me to remove the disc and reboot. Very small input memory for each optical channel e. I powered it off to change SSDs -- I'm playing with Linux distributions -- and when I powered it back on, I noticed that the time was off by hours it might have been that way before.

I will update this post as I learn more. However, taking full advantage of such advances for dynamic optical switching is not obvious, for several reasons: Oh well, the DH67CL always worked okay.

I rebooted, entered BIOS, and pressed F9 to return to default, but after saving the system returned to the network boot screen, which kind of made sense because that was now enabled. Data units belonging to a whole time frame received from each of the optical channels during the first phase, Phase 1are switched through the switch in the second phase, Phase 2.

In another embodiment the alignment feature is designed using optical components, such as optical delay lines. It looks like either the processor or the board is toast. I just happened to have a new CR An interesting attribute of fractional lambda switching is the nearly complete elimination of blocking through Banyan-based switches.