What to Wear at the Casino - Ultimate Guide to Casino Dress Code

Mens casino pants, sophisticated...

How to Dress to Gamble

A short afternoon or cocktail dress. We always suggest you default to long sleeves, unless climate is a concern.

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Cargo or Mens casino pants shorts in a warm climate. Work trousers or pencil skirts are a great choice for mens casino pants casino style. According to a couple of sources on the subject of business etiquette, these days the heels and the stockings are optional.

For women, the definition of business casual is pretty narrow. How likely are you to have to wear Black Tie dress to a casino?

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Generally, the nicer the venue, the more you want to wear long sleeves. A conservative button-down shirt.

Glitz and Glam, Casino Style

Khaki pants go with everything. A white vest and white bow tie. For a top, choose something in a bold color like red, yellow or blue. Heel size is not important, just choose a pair that's good for evening, such as open-toe, peep-toe or pumps.

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If you want to fit in, feel comfortable, and impress the other guests on your next casino visit, this ultimate guide to casino dress codes was prepared with you in mind.

Long gloves usually white are optional, as are accessories like tiaras, clutch purses, and elegant jewelry. For shoes, keep them dressy and dark, in an oxford style.

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However, most people dress a notch or two up from everyday wear. Plan to pack a coat and pair of loafers or dress shoes, and the socks to go with them.

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For men, casual clothing includes: This is especially true at higher-end casinos.