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A device of the character described comprising, a support, a member reciprocably mounted on said support and having a'coin slot therethrough, means for holding said member in an extended position on the support. The inclined angle of slot 7 renders the insertion of a wire difficult. During this movement the coin 50 has also engaged the upper end of the latch 33 so as to release the latch.

Thus if a large sized coin 58 Fig. While my invention is susceptible ofemboniment in many different forms, I have shown in the drawings and coin slot mechanism herein describe in detail one such embodiment, with the understanding that the present disclosure is to be considered as an exemplification of the principles of the invention and coin slot mechanism not intended to limit the invention to the embodiment illustrated.

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The plunger 5 is cut away or flattened on its front face, as at 14, ending; in shoulders 15, to receive the end of the screw 16 extend ing through a threaded hole in plate 2- thereby limiting" the vertical movement of the plunger and preventing its accidental escape from its seat. A latch device 33, illustrated most clearly in Fig.

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The guard 31 extends into the coin slot slightly beyond the edge of the latch device so that the latch device is not actuated until the upper edge of the coin is flush with would make it difficult for a person to operate the arm 40 by means of an improper instrument, since in order to depress the member 28 it would be necessary at the same time to actuate the latch device.

B, B, B and 3 represent a plurality of coin slot mechanisms, mounted on plate A and adapted to receive coins of various denominations. The coin first inserted, marked C falls down the inclined slot 7 and rests on the top ends 4" of the spring arms 4. USA Coin-slot mechanism. Thus in the case of a pay Specification of Letters Patent. The slot 46 in the depending portion i6 of the mounting member is so positioned that when a small coin has been inserted in the slot 29 it swings the arm 49 to a position wherein the pin 42 coincides with the open end of the slot 46 at the same time the latch 33 is released.

In its preferred form the invention is adapted for the reception and registration of nickels and. Thus the plates 1 may all be installed at one time, and then the plates 2; and the connecting screws 3 inserted to bind said plates 1 and 2 together.

As illustrated in the drawings, the invention comprises generally a somewhat rectangular casing l2 having an inclined cover l3, this casing being mounted on a supporting member or frame 3 containing a cash box I2 The cover I3 is provided with an aperture l4 Figs.

Coin Mechanism

The following is a detailed description of the drawings. It is believed readily apparent that if coins of sizes differing from those illustrated as 50 and 65 are inserted in the slot 29, the pin 42 will not be moved into register with the slots 46 or 41 and that therefore the member 28 cannot be depressed.

A coin slot mechanism comprising, in combination, a support, a member mounted on said support'for recipr'ocatory movement and having a coin slot associatedtherewith, a latch device normally holding said member at one end of its travel and having a portion projecting into said coin slot from one edge thereof adjacent its entrance, an arm 'pivotally mounted on said member and having a portion projecting into said coin slot from the other edge thereof, and a guard device overhanging the outer end of said latch device and projecting into the coin slot beyond the adjacent portion of the latch device.

Enabling coins to be inserted by movement in a single or straight line direction is of particular advantage, particularly when embodied in a mechanism arranged to register coins oi several sizes, and to eject coins of incorrect sizes. During the downward movement of the member 28 the lever 66 is therefore actuated and in turn operates the register The back plate 2, which when in place closes the front face of the slots 6 and?

The operation of the invention is extremely simple in that when a person inserts a coin and presses it into the coin slot, it is merely necessary to continue the pressure against the coin and the adjacent member 28 to force the coin through the slot and to register it. While the lower ends of said arms preferably intersect substanti lly the entire width or the slot 6, the upper ends of said arms project but a short distance into said slot from either side, as shown.

As illustrated herein a register 2 is provided with an operating arm 55 having a pin and slot connection 56 with a lever 51 pivotally mounted on the mounting member l5 at Novel features of construction and-an rangement of parts will appear from the following description. In the preferred form of the invention the lever 40 is arranged to control the registering of the coins of proper size and to prevent the insertion of coins of incorrect size.

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The latch device 33, together with its guard 31', is provided so as to prevent persons from actuating the arm 40 by means of an improper instrument. A coin slot mechanism comprising, in combination, a coin chute depressible in the direction of coin movement, a plurality of means for registering separately large and small sized coins inserted in said chute, means operable during movement of said chute selectively to actuate the registering means corresponding with the size of coin inserted in the chute and means for rejecting coins of an intermediate size.

A coin slot mechanism comprising, in combination, a casing, a small coin register, a large coin register, coin slot mechanism movably mounted coin chute, means operable by movement of said chute when a large coin is inserted to actuate the large coin register, means operable by movement of said chute when a small coin is inserted to actuate said small coin register, and means efiective when a coin of incorrect size is inserted to prevent movement of the chute and to eject said coin.

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A semi-cylindrical plunger seat 8 extends vertically to the top of plate 1 from the slot- 6. It is evident that a wire or other article inserted down into the slot 6 through the inclined slot 7 would not be able to engage theends 4 of both arms 4 to spread the lower ends of the arms and permit the coin C'to drop into the machine but.

For example, with the pin 42 in the position shown in Fig. A coin slot mechanism for receiving large and small coins of predetermined size comprising, in combination, a casing, a largecoin register, a small coin register, a movably mounted coin chute having one end projecting from the casing for receiving coins and the other end projecting into the casing for depositing coins therein and movable in the direction of coin movement when inserted into the chute, means yieldably resisting movement of said chute in the direction of coin movement, means normally holding said chute in its extended position, means operable by a coin of proper size inserted in said chute to release the chute, means operable by movement of said chute when a large coin is inserted therein to permit the coin to pass through the chute and to actuate the large coin register, and means operable by movement of said chute when a small coin is inserted therein to permit said coin to pass through the chute and to actuate said small coin register.

The scope of the invention will be pointed out in the appended claims.

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Thereupon by continuing the inserting pressure on the coin and depressing the member 28 with the coin, the pin coin slot mechanism enters the slot 41 as illustrated in Fig. The parts are preferably so arranged that when the upper edge of the coin becomes flush with the upper edge of the member 28 the latch 33 is released and the pin 42 is in a position above the open end of the slot As illustrated in the drawings, additional slots 46 and 41 are provided in the mounting member, which slots connect at their upper ends with the arcuate slot 44 at laterally spaced points so as to provide a locking abutment 48 therebetween.

The pressure of a wire or other article on the top edge of the lower coin C would not spread the lower down the slot 7 into the slot 6 and ends 4 of the arms 4 to permit said coin C to drop. This object I accomplish by a new and improved coin slot mechanism, with transparentsides, wherein the coin is inserted into the top of the Slot and depressed by means of a spring controlled plunger to spread a pair of spring controlled arms which hold in the slot the coin last previously introduced, permitting the last named coin to drop out of the lower end of the slot and the second coin to take its place in the slot.

This arrangement through the coin slot by the land or abutment 48 and smaller or larger coins are also kept out of the cash box. The member 28 is provided with an arcuate slot 39 through which the pin 39 extends, the mounting member 5 being recessed at 45 to provide coin slot mechanism for the pin 39 during the reciprocatory movement of the member It is readily apparent that the member can only be depressed when the pin 42 has been moved into alineme'nt either with the slot 48 or the slot Preferably a guard 31 is provided on the member 28 to overlie the upper end of the latch device 33 so as to prevent operation of the latch device by means other than tokens.