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In shade, this colour is lost completely, to green leaves overlaid with silver. A medium sized plant with soft green leaves. Sensitive to cold, so should be grown as a pot plant except in northern frost free areas. Similar flower spike to Aechmea fasciata, but more elongated and with rosy pink, almost red bracts topped with purple flowers.

The medium sized rosette consists of deep green glossy leaves with a span of about cm. Looks good under subtropical shrubs also. Stays in colour for months. In aechmea black jack light the leaves take on a beautiful pink colour, overlaid with silver.

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Absolutely stunning Aechmea with shiny, deep Burgundy leaves. Produces long lasting orange red berries which is an added bonus.

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This species is native to coastal areas of Brazil. Deep glossy dark burgundy, almost black leaves. The flower spike looks like a slightly smaller version of Aechmea fasciata, but more heavily dusted with silver.

A relatively small rosette, with the pups held close princess casino free slots the plant develops a bushy appearance over time. Light green leaves forming a medium size rosette. Pendulous spike of deep red berries tipped with purple petals completes the picture. An awesome house plant.

As with the species, the unbranched flower spike reaches up to 0. The tall flower spike carries purplish blue flowers, followed by long lasting red berries. Similar to the original hybrid, but a selected form which has more a compact flower stem, with the stem branches more horizontal than the original hybrid.

The flower is a feathery fan shaped spike, with red bracts at the base topped with bright yellow and green.

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The multiple branched flower stem reaches more than 1m in height and is comprised of many pink berry like flowers tipped with red petals. One of the more attractive Cryptanthus, with a habit of sending its pups out on long cascading stolons.

The medium sized rosette consists of deep green glossy leaves, striped with burgundy red pinstripes. A dramatic Billbergia with emerald green leaves which have a white margin. Ideal as an indoor pot plant, or in shady, warm gardens. Silver banded bronze undersides to the leaves and contrasting green uppersides.

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Tall deep purple flower spike remains in colour for up to 6 months. This is one of the reasons they are still rare here, despite the glorious orange colouring they develop in full sun.

Reaches a span of 50cm. The flower head looks like an Olympic torch and is most impressive. The leaf edges appear spiny, but in fact are quite soft, like Nidularium fulgens. One of aechmea black jack most striking Bromeliads in existence.

The flower spike is unusual, consisting of burgundy berries tipped with white. Frost sensitive and prefers medium to low light. The torch like flower head is predominantly red with blue tips to the petals. Where only one symbol is used, the variety is not likely to prefer other situations. A medium size rosette of very soft green leaves.

Glorious glossy rose coloured leaves with cream margins and a green to wine red central stripe depending on light levels.

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A lovely hybrid of Aechmea fendleri and Aechmea fasciata, with the best of both species. Gorgeous little stars of translucent orange. The stem stays in colour for 6 weeks or more.

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aechmea black jack Medium size rosette of light green leaves, slightly tinged with bronze in high light. A small but cute Bromeliad, with soft light green leaves. A medium size Guzmania, with the flower spike of cherry red spotted with pure white flowers up to 40cm high.

A relatively large Guzmania, with a tall flower spike and prominent lilac purple bracts. Beautiful wide stripes of cream down each side of the leaves, which turn shocking pink in bright light. The mottled green leaves are liberally splashed with vibrant pink, and the leaves turn this colour from the tips to nearly the base at flowering.

The flower spike remains in colour for months. Well shaped Aechmea with glossy light green leaves on top and glossy deep red underneath. A stunning plant which grows to a reasonably large rosette of green leaves with a silver dusting.

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The rosette grows to approximately 70cm across. Sensitive to cold, and best out of direct sunlight. This species has the most gorgeous flower spike, with large red scape bracts and golden yellow flower heads. Tall flower spike remains in colour for up to 6 months.

The flower spike is spectacular, consisting river rock casino pub a tall, branched spear of aechmea black jack pure red from which poke bright yellow petals.