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For the 5th string, add another inch of 'pull' to the apex, bend, cut insert, wind. The net result is a string as stable as any lockered string, if done right, and if you really work at it, the tuning machine can be backed off and the whole small coil of string can be removed like a small spring then later replaced to the post.

First of all, one must always bend a wound string to a 90 degree angle before cutting.

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These two methods measuring a bit beyond the post will work fine for an angled headstock as on a Gibson. Well, that's because they cannot do it, trust me. I have tried the 'two inch past the post' method and the d'2 inches past'; method Lubbock, TX I'll give you an alternative that creates the necessary breakover angle at the nut in order to establish firm down pressure in the slot that stops that nagging string buzz in the slot and creates great tone.

This insures that the winding does not come loose from vintage slot tuners core Don't worry about that, it is not that far beyond the post if you measure it stretched to the post.

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IF there is no string tree, one must add more distance at the apex of that 'pull' for each of these strings Without a string tree, the 4th string will need wraps and the 3rd strings needs wraps. YEs it is odd. Im going to check out locking tuners Click to expand IF the 4th and 3rd strings have a tree, repeat vintage slot tuners process using the measurement that was used for the 5th string.

Some strings amongst the 6 need more length than do others, but not necessarily the ones you think I cut the D and especially the G long - it is a poor mans string 2d string tree.

How to restring your Stratocaster guitar with open slot vintage style tuners

Pull the low E string to the post with the 'fretting' hand. The 2nd and 1st strings have a tree, so one needs at least wraps to insure no slippage, ime.

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If you're stuffing a cut end into the hole, you're on the right track. I came to this method on my own. With this method, the apex of the 'pull' for the 3rd string will be way up in the air When I see a Fender headstock that is not strung in this way

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