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The double vinyl Acoustic Live is going into its 3rd printing run of a thousand albums. Thank you all again.

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Thanks to all for showing up. Had a reunion with the "Goldrush Upright", the old piano I played with over 45 years ago on the After The Goldrush album.

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Please take care of yourselves, each other and the animals on our beautiful planet with such human madness amidst the beauty and kindness. Hats off again to Amy for insisting this gets done and producing it with me.

Thanks for the great support thru Twitter, Facebooketc. Amy and I are enjoying being together at home with family, our dogs and local community.

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I just wanted to get inside the spirit of md live casino rams head schedule solos while being myself and feeling it, not thinking it. You are true heroes! We're proud of it and grateful so many have liked it.

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Very grateful for the end result and the positive feedback we continue to have. Just announced the first of some makeup solo shows of mine, coming up in November, December.

Also, the personally signed and numbered 10 disc box set is still available at website, along with some great T-shirts and posters Amy designed.

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Such warm, kind crowds and towns to visit and espn radio 10am slot for. We hope we may be back next Fall or Winter.

The after show visits with us both were very meaningful and you all reminded us why we leave our home to sing, play and visit with you all. To be home for more than a night for the first time this year is a real gift, also. Thanks for the continued interest, kindness and support you all keep showing us. We are grateful for the understanding of the club owners and audiences that were inconvenienced by this, and have offered our heartfelt apologies.

I'm so blessed and honored to be with her. Nils and Amy thanks you all for your unwavering support and appreciate the well wishes from all. Crazy times here and around the world. What a global treasure of God given talent he was.

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I think Amy spent more time at the Merch table visiting with you before and after the show, than I did on stage! Back to earthly matters, when this wonderful E Street run wraps up, Amy and I will turn to the business of rescheduling the solo shows we had to cancel for this tour.

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I'm just home after completing the U. We'll keep you posted. We all need each other. Our 3 month, European E Street run of shows is almost complete. I'm loving some time with Amy and our lovely dog pack before long, Europe tour begins. I'm still hoping to write a new album after tour ends, while getting back to my beloved family and home.

At our last two, Brooklyn shows, we played Purple Rain to honor Prince.

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Then he brought me out for his set to finish the night on the Goldrush Upright and the accordion. He played it a bit differently every time too, with basic, thematic similarities.

Peace and Believe, Nils Dec. Anyway, home to repack and back to airport to fly to London and start our tour.

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This being my 49th year on the md live casino rams head schedule, singing and playing for people everywhere, it all takes on a deeper meaning, the work and the homecomings. We'll stay in touch. Amy will be there too! We feel great about it. I've finally started writing songs again and slowly but md live casino rams head schedule have begun the process of working towards making a new album when I get the songs written.

I'm celebrating my 18th Wedding Anniversary in Dallas with Amy today. Just back from a fantastic Bridge School Concert. Still waiting on final tour dates before we can look at rescheduling my solo shows. Here's to Peace on Earth and a healing planet.

Fantastic audiences everywhere, band as good as ever, and Amy with me these last 7 weeks.