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The contestant wins the lucky clock roulette prize and an extra chip for choosing the correct digit. For each correct guess, the contestant wins that small prize and a chip to place beside one of the shells. For each bid given within the correct range, the contestant chooses one of five colored mechanical rats yellow, green, pink, orange and bluewhich are positioned on a large dollar sign-shaped racetrack.

If the guess is incorrect, a buzzer sounds and the contestant must try again, not knowing how many digits are wrong or which ones. If the contestant is correct, he or she wins that prize and moves on to the next one, with the car as the last prize.

During this period, the game ended immediately if the contestant failed to win a choice.

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If the contestant has fewer than four right, he or she may rearrange the prices and pull the lever as often as time allows. The contestant is shown the first and last digits of the car's price. The rats are then set in motion on the track and all five rats ultimately travel the same distance.

The contestant can purchase any quantity of any item, but may not use any item more than once. Regardless of the outcome, the contestant receives the check as a souvenir.

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Also, on the Tom Kennedy -hosted syndicated version inthe contestant was shown the last digit in a five-digit price, meaning the contestant had to find the third and fourth digits in addition to the first two. Six digits are shown, five of which belong to the price of the car.

Twenty of the holes contained slips marked "Dollars", another 20 contained slips marked "Hundred" and the remaining 10 contained slips marked "Thousand". To win the game and a large prize, the contestant must make correct guesses for three adjacent wedges of the circle.

The contestant is given one roll of the dice and can earn up to two more using three grocery products. The contestant may choose to quit and keep the amount won or to try to win a better prize with the next slip. Within each pair, one prize is correctly priced and the other has had its price cut in half.

If the contestant does win the car, however, he or she does not receive cash for any remaining cards. At the start of the game, the contestant is given one free X to place anywhere in either the left or right column of the board.

In order to win the car, the contestant must line up the three prices in a frame to display a price for the car. The final prize is often billed as one of "the most expensive single prizes offered on the show", with a price consisting of five or occasionally six digits.

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If the bid is within the target range without going over, the contestant wins the car. The game continues until the contestant either quits, wins the top prize, or reaches the last of their slips, in which case he or she must keep the last amount.

A contestant who correctly prices all four items automatically wins the prize, and can also win a cash amount equal to the prize value by correctly guessing which shell conceals the ball. We'll take a peek, and if it checks out, we'll promote it on our website, give you all the credit and link back to your site.

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The climber moves one step up the slope for every dollar the contestant is off, high or low, and the correct price is not revealed until after the climber has either stopped or fallen off the cliff. Including free online games! The correct numbers hide the front and rear halves of the car, while all others hide dollar signs. If the contestant guesses the correct price at any time, the game ends and the contestant loses everything.

A mistake at any point ends the game, but the contestant keeps any prizes correctly priced up to that point.

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If the contestant found one, the contestant punched an additional hole and the value of the slip inside was added to the total. For each prize, the contestant is shown a price and must choose which digit of two displayed—the first or the second—is correct.

Two of the smaller prizes each have a three-digit price and one has a two-digit price. Each correct guess wins that prize and one choice from the five price tags. A correct decision wins both prizes.

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The combination is the same as the price of the less expensive prize. Three pairs of grocery items are displayed, and the contestant must guess which item in each pair corresponds to a given price. The contestant then has 45 seconds to match the prices with the correct prizes.

If the contestant chooses to continue and an incorrect match is revealed, the game ends and he or she loses everything. However, if a level total is lower than the previous one, the game ends and the contestant forfeits everything. The contestant adjusts each digit and wins the car if they have correctly chosen all five. The contestant also received supplies of the five items in each of those four games.

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In order to win the car, the contestant must choose either one of each letter or a CAR card. The contestant then chooses one number at a time and can quit after any turn, keeping everything he or she has won to that point. The contestant wins both prizes by correctly choosing the prize associated with the price. After punching one of the letters, the contestant punched a hole in the field of 50 holes on the board.

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If the contestant succeeds, he or she wins a prize. The contestant loses if he or she guesses incorrectly on the second attempt. In order to win all four, he or she must choose the one prize from the group of three whose price is the same as the base prize.


If the total of their prices exceeds a given minimum amount, he or she wins everything. Hi Lo[ edit ] The contestant is shown six grocery items and must choose the three with the highest prices in order to win.

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The first digit of the price is revealed, and the contestant rolls four dice on a gaming table, one at a time. If the contestant steps on an incorrect digit with no small prizes remaining or guesses the incorrect price for the third small prize, the game ends.

The gameboard also shows a month and year, usually from the past eight to twelve years. Three sliding markers are set underneath the digits, one for each prize.

The contestant punches holes into the appropriate number of spaces on the board, each of which contains a slip of paper with an amount of money written on it. The contestant is given the three unique digits and must use each of them only once to determine the correct price in order to win both prizes. A gameboard contains 30 cards: All dice that display cars are taken out of play after each roll, and the contestant must decide whether to re-roll the others or end the game and accept the total of their values.

The contestant is shown two small prizes, each displaying a string of three digits, and must decide whether the first two or last two digits make up the correct price. Each of the individual digits displayed is either one digit higher or one digit lower than correct digit in the price. If a chip becomes stuck on the board, it is knocked loose and returned to the contestant to drop again.

Two prices are correct and one is incorrect. After the chair has moved to the next item, the contestant may choose to stop before the price is revealed and keep all money won to that point, but if an incorrect guess is revealed, the game ends, and the contestant loses everything; however, they keep any small prizes won to that point.

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