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Use a timer to control the lights, as erratic light patterns may confuse the fish.

The real casino dice of the aquarium should be covered in a dig-friendly substrate, since some individuals have shown a preference for pit digging during the breeding period.

You can try to coax the fish into breeding mode by making sure the water is really soft and acidic pH 5.

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As mentioned above, electric blue rams are often more sensitive than their wild ram cichlid ancestors and may require some extra pampering. Sexing and Breeding Electric Blue Rams The electric blue ram is very difficult to sex, and established couples are, therefore, quite expensive.

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The evolution of RAM technology has resulted in a variety of memory modules. Slot bleu ram can be pressed straight into the slot and clipped into place.

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Is something stressing your fish, such as improper water quality or temperature? There was a notch on both ends of the memory module that was clipped by arms on opposite ends of the slot. The "dual" part of the name comes from the separate electrical contact points designed on both sides of the module.

Since parental care is so essential for the survival of electric blue ram offspring, it is not uncommon for inexperienced couples to lose their first few batches. The fry are normally free swimming after five days or slot bleu ram but will not be allowed to forage on their own—the parents will always accompany them to keep them safe. Electric blue rams are still less commonly available than other ram varieties, and may be more expensive.

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A common mistake is to house ram cichlids and electric blue rams with other dwarf cichlids—avoid this at all costs. The later memory modules had a bit data path, so SIMMs of identical capacity were installed in pairs to synchronize with processors using bit data paths.

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Buffalo spirit slot machine online addition to plants, the electric blue ram should be given a few caves to shelter in.

Is your couple being bullied by their tankmates?

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Egg eating is also common among inexperienced parents and nothing to worry about if it happens to the first few batches. The Spawning Prior to spawning, a flat stone will be cleaned or a pit will be dug in the substrate, sometimes adjacent to a stone. Suitable Tankmates The electric blue ram should never be housed with aggressive fish or quick and energetic species that will devour all the food before the ram finds it.