Sad after gambling, he was...

During the early stage of my addiction, I always felt really happy and excited in the Pokies bar.

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That instantly gave me an idea! I would come out of the bar penniless, feeling numb, emotionless, and no money for food. However, Asian sites like M88 and Dafa88 does not care. I had a company sub-account under my name and I stole money from it to fuel my online slots addiction.

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I had 20k in my account and I felt fantastic. I will be continuing my journal in the next session and thank you so much for listening. I would have become homeless and starved to death if it wasn't because of my sister and Z. Coming back from a developed country for 7 years and having had worked in a highly professional environment for 4 years, I experienced an extreme cultural shock at my dad's company.

I would tell them that I was caught up at work but in fact, I just couldn't remove my bum from the pokies seat. I have racked up a credit card bill of 99k it's a infinite card with k limit.

I've always paid back the money I took within a few days. No wonder my dad's company was going down in pear shape. However, my sad after gambling to gamble kicked in when I was overwhelmed by the stress.

The time to take action is now. Maybe he could be a good resource for you. If you are genuinely wanting to stop gambling you might find it helpful to start your own thread in the forum. Not trying to blame anyone here, I completely take responsibility for my own actions. Nobody is doomed to gambling, although I'm sure at times we've all believed that it is our destiny.

Sucide is a permatate soloution to a tempory problem. His girlfriend was the general manager of his company. At 5'4", I weighed only 42 kilos at that time.

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I would have done so if it wasn't because of my truly amazing and supportive boyfriend who has stuck by me through thick and thin. That was an awakening call He described his feeling as "sick in the gut" and "heart broken". I felt I was being stripped naked and thrown onto a street full of people.

My bets were small but I kept getting big wins.

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It was very easy to get me hooked. There are 2 parts to my journal: Bet, and EuroGrand have fantastic self exclusion system as you have absolutely no way of re-opening your account during the self exclusion period. However, the devil machinese power over me was too strong. When he cheated on me and left me, my world crumbled.

It spent some time feeling depressed and suicidal, but today, I feel stronger and better, and I want to make a decision to turn over a new leaf. The 1st one could not handle my addiction and eventually left me because I was constantly broke and lying to him.

It all started 8 betonsoft casino no deposit codes ago when the love of my life cheated on me and eventually left me. Today was when everything finally fell apart when my massive secret got exposed.

It started real small but grow exponential.


These Pokies machines are designed to sad after gambling you hooked, the sounds it make when you get a win, the colorful and beautiful graphics, the catchy background music etc. There's been galveston gambling ship where I blew my entire fortnight's pay in 1 night, and the next day, I would go out thinking that I still have the money.

Trust will have to be earned. First and formost please call someone-anyone. The moment my mom spread her suspicions to everyone in the family, and when I hear the word "gamble" from their mouth, I really felt like dying.

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I felt tingling on my skin and fingertips while playing. Losing 20k a night was a frequent thing. I am owing my best friend, my sister and my boyfriend a total of k.

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I don't agree with her method of doing shit behind my back without talking to me face to face first. HOwever, I went straight back into it the next night. Eventually I became extremely addicted to the Pokies. I guess he stopped because of the lack of convenience to gamble. I wanted to keep the 40K and stop gambling once and for all because it doesn't make me happy anyway. Seeing how depressed I was, my friends took me to a bar with Pokies Machines Slots and told me that it would make me feel better when I play it.

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I have totally forgotten that I have blew the money the night before. One day, I was looking at Facebook and on my news sad after gambling, an old friend had a status update about playing poker online. So, share sad after gambling much or as little as you like but do try to stick to keeping just one thread in this forum so people know where to find you if they want to be updated on your progress or share something with you.