Mosaic: Game of Gods

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Rated 5 out of 5 by gagoogle from Outstanding Game The gameplay, artwork and music are brilliantly executed. Each mosaic is a work of art. I think there is about levels. I love all mosaic puzzles and games, but this is the first one that has the very best music ever. I'm glad I did!

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Game of Gods is rated 4. Every picture is very beautiful and colorful and I listen to the music even when I'm doing other things around the house. Perhaps in part because I am a professional musician, I'm always keenly aware of the music in any game -- I know from reading many reviews on BF that many of you feel the same way.

The main game screen plays what sounds like a modern pop song you'd hear on the radio.

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I highly recommend this game! Once so many puzzles big fish casino comments completed an area on the map changes. This game has a choice of timed or un timed, so you can go between. Relaxing and enjoyable play.

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But the game gives you the option of timed or normal mode so if you don't like one you can use the other. I've loved puzzles and mosaics of all sorts since I was a wee one, and for me "Mosaic: The music that accompanies this game creates such a lovely atmosphere of serenity and beauty that it adds to the "divine" nature of the game -- it has a meditative quality that anyone might find relaxing and soothing after a long, tough day.

I recommend this game for anyone who wants to relax and play a game. There are several different modes of play relaxed, table plancha roulette, etc. I found this rather pleasant because it shows the changes taken place to the world being are saving. I rarely do that. The "puzzle" or mosaic pieces are just difficult enough to make the game a challenge.

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I'm only a quarter of the way through though Took everyone's advice and am playing Untimed Beautiful and colorful scenes. Game of Gods" is really a "gift" from the gods. I count three games like this now!

As big fish casino comments "Mosaics Galore," you have a chance to earn three stars for each puzzle: Each puzzle is a level and each one is a beautiful picture in itself.

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Kind of like a puzzle but not. I highly recommend this game for the whole family and if you are a jigsaw puzzle fan you'll love this game. There is a great trophy system and the music is quite pleasant.

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The title of the game drew my attention and then after seeing the parrot picture I had to give it a try - being a parrot owner and enthusiast. In reading other players' comments, I left the music on. I recommend this game Date published: This has got to be a new genre. I want to make special mention of the music in this game.

It is fun but also relaxing. So with several modes of gameplay, it should satisfy anyone.

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The mosaics are breathtakingly beautiful depictions of nature so far -- I haven't finished the gameand as you would expect increase in complexity and difficulty as you progress. If you enjoyed "Mosaics Galore" or "Patterns," you will love this game. There is also a 'fever mode' where you have to really rush to complete the puzzle.

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It is all mosaic puzzles cloth, paper, stain glass, ect. Is challenging, but not so bad you get frustrated and quit. I can't stop playing the game and see the wonderful pictures again and listen to the music forever - two thumbs up: I'll warn you at the get-go, I only played this game for six minutes before deciding to buy it.

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I find this game very relaxing so I ended up buying both in this series. I really love this game. Became monotonous to me after 20 puzzles, so I muted it. It also gives you a choice of a relaxed or timed setting - I had to buy this game even before the trial ended. You always have a chance to go back and retry a puzzle if you want to earn a better score.

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