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Carnel said the students are very sad to have to leave their American host families but happy to be returning to their own families. The Meggitt family hosted Vandeworstyne. John gordnick gambling France, we eat with our parents and watch TV with them. Although they shared similarities with the American students — including the same tastes in music casino opening credits fashion — they noted many differences between the two cultures as well.

Johan Carnel, 17, explained that the French students were surprised to see so many American students wearing summer clothes in the spring. She noted that many students who have participated in the program keep in touch with their host families. That means when she returns to France, she will be able to drive a car by herself. Marie-Lise Choteau, 17, spoke about the difference in teacher-student relationships.

They got to consider more parts of America and slot abuja nigeria that the government is only one part and that they do not hear about the other half of the country.

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Meggitt said her daughter wants to go to France this summer as a graduation present, so the two may very well hook up again. Pauline Vandeworstyne, 18, said students in her school are not allowed to eat or drink in class, nor are they permitted to enter or exit lessons at their leisure.

The French are famous for their chic.

The French have a way of life that is very different. The students in the exchange program not only attend school in their chosen foreign country, but they also go sightseeing and live with host families.

When the AHS students returned from France last year, they told the Examiner that people do everyday things differently on the other side of the world. They also said French families always eat together and that the food in France is less greasy.

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It is too fast to eat and maybe too greasy. AHS students said French schools seem to take academics more seriously than do American schools and also place less emphasis on sports. In France, counties, not boards of education, are in charge of budgeting funding for the schools, according to Corine Jacqueline, one of the teachers who accompanied the students to America.

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No joke — Pauline wanted a pair of Converse sneakers that are much cheaper here than in Europe, and they went all over to find them in her size. Some have even traveled back and forth between countries to see each other again, she said.

We even had one couple marry. They specifically noted differences in meals, saying that French mothers cook all the family meals, which could feature up to nine courses. Antoine Leberger, 18, said students in his school have one to two hours for lunch and can go home to eat, whereas AHS students have to scarf down their lunch in a cafeteria in less than an hour.

However, Vandeworstyne does not think that French students have a better sense of style than their John gordnick gambling counterparts. Clementine Bonnaillie, 17, said that in France, students attend school from 8 a.

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Lehman said the exchange program has been successful for both schools. Due to this type of scheduling, Jacqueline added that French students do not have time for the after-school jobs that many American students have.

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However, French students fall subject to four-hour Saturday exams at the whims of their teachers, according to Leberger. They considered the French more efficient in terms of the way they live and noted that cars, homes and appliances are all smaller in France. Before departing for home on March 23, the French students spoke about their experiences in America.

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French classrooms do not have storage space, and all materials must be brought to class. Before he came to the United States, Carnel said he thought it uniform casino staff be a beautiful country.

Instructors, who have a teaching table rather than a desk, actually purchase the books for themselves and their pupils. Many of the students said they would like to return to America to visit and discover more about its people and culture, but none of them said they would ultimately like to live in the United States because they would not want to permanently leave their families.

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In America, family members eat separately and watch TV separately.